Mary Newbold
Miami-Dade County Police Department

In 1985, Detective Mary Newbold was the oldest female at the age of 43 to graduate from the Police Academy.  After only two years on patrol, she became a Robbery Detective.  She was then assigned to the Homicide Unit as an Assault Investigator.  While assigned to the Homicide Unit, Detective Newbold was sent to Williamsburg, Virginia (by the then Lt. Bobby Meeks) to learn about Domestic Violence Laws.  Upon her return she began to formulate Domestic Violence Training for the Miami Police Department.  She also trained other officers in the many facts of domestic violence.  

In 1992, Florida finally passed its domestic violence laws.  Prior to those laws, there was much opposition to arresting men who abused women.  However, her fellow officers trusted her sound judgment and accepted her guidance during that transitional phase.  Most importantly she maintained her dedication as a sworn law enforcement officer to uphold Florida State Laws. 

In 19095, while serving under the command of Lt. Gerald Green and St. Eunice Cooper, the Miami Police Domestic Violence Unit was established.  Detective Newbold became the Liaison between the unit and the State Attorney’s Office.  Detective Newbold has provided an invaluable contribution to the City of Miami Police Department.  As a result of her dedication to duty, knowledge and professionalism, Miami Police Officers are better equipped in investigating domestic violence incidents.  Her other achievements were FCAA 1992 Black Achievers Award, June 2001 CID Officer of the Month Award.  July 2001 MPD Administrative Excellence Award and 2001 CID Runner-up Officer of the Year Award. (This article was specially written up by Mary Newbold’s mother Chistine D. Felts)