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This Woman’s Work : A Tribute to Justice for All

March 21 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

We cordially invite you to join us in the celebration of Black Women in Law Enforcement and the Judicial system. Light refreshments will be served and you will also have the opportunity to share your experience during our oral history collection.

About the Exhibition:

This exhibition is dedicated to honoring the noteworthy contributions of Black women within the spheres of law enforcement and the judicial system. This curatorial idea emerges as a profound initiative by Chief Anita Najiy, the inaugural female Assistant Chief of the City of Miami Police Department, during the February 2023 Black History Month celebrations where she decided to honor black women in Miami Police Department. Employing glass mixed media print and fabric, Chief Najiy adeptly captures the imagery of Black women, imbuing the exhibition with contextual depth that underscores their pivotal roles in shaping law enforcement practices.

The motivation behind this exhibit is that Black women not only shattered glass ceilings but also effectuated transformative changes within law enforcement departments. The impact of these changes can be seen in present day practices on the police force: emergency response, enhanced case-solving methodologies transcending state boundaries, and the introduction of policies fostering gender equity within the force.

In an homage to Black Women in law enforcement and the judicial system, Chief Anita Najiy received a museum commission to craft a commemorative series of 100 plates, employing her distinctive mixed media design. Titled “THIS WOMEN’S WORK: A Tribute to Justice For All,” this meticulously curated exhibition aims to highlight the exceptional contributions of Black women occupying influential positions. The incorporation of the West African (Ashanti) kente cloth, traditionally reserved for royalty and special occasions, serves as a poignant symbol on each plate. This fabric, imbued with historical significance dating back to the trans-Atlantic slave trade (1501-1867), resonates with the narrative of nearly 60% of enslaved Black individuals trafficked during this tumultuous period. Many of these individuals, hailing from royal families, tragically found themselves ensnared in village tribal wars, subsequently traded as commodities to European merchants in exchange for firearms, textiles, beads, and various other commodities.

The exhibition’s compelling photographic depictions of Black women in their professional attire serve to underscore the persistent need for representation. This resonates particularly in light of the fact that women continue to occupy less than 32% of executive leadership roles in the workforce. Symbolically represented by glass plates, the numerous obstacles akin to glass ceilings that women, especially Black women, confront in their pursuit of recognition for work equal to that of their male counterparts are vividly depicted.

Beyond its aesthetic richness, the exhibition aspires to shed light on the daily challenges faced by Black women, fostering a dialogue on the imperative need for equal compensation for their invaluable services. “This Woman’s Work” draws inspiration from the musical compositions of the American artist Maxwell, specifically his melodious celebration of women’s joys and contributions in the song title this exhibit is named after. His song serves as an admonishment for men to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that women are treated with respect and adorned for their achievements.

This exhibition will remain on display until April 1, 2024.

For more information please contact docent@historicalblackprecinct.org or call 305.329.2513.


March 21
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT
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City of Miami (Historic Negro) Black Police Museum
480 NW 11th Stree
Miami, FL 33101 United States
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