Captain Dana Carr
City of Miami Police Department

Currently serving the City of Miami Police Department for 27 years

Has served in the following areas:

  • As an officer, she worked in the Field Operations Division assigned to Patrol, the Mounted Unit and in the Criminal Investigations Unit as a Department of Children’s and Families Child Abuse Detective.
  • As a Sergeant, she worked in the Criminal Investigations Division as a General Investigations Unit supervisor and the Administration Division as a Health Services Unit and Recruitment and Selections Unit supervisor.
  • As a Captain, she currently works in the Administration Division in the Communications Unit. Note: Captain Carr is the 1st black female Captain to serve the City of Miami Police Department in the rank.
  • As a Commander, she worked in the Field Operations Division as the Commander for the communities of Model City NET and Overtown NET.
  • As a Major, she worked in the Criminal Investigations Division as the Investigative Support Section Commander and in the Administration Division as the Property and Evidence Section Commander.


Master of Arts Degree in Disaster Management from Florida International University, Master of Arts Degree in Administration from Barry University, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration from Florida International University and an Associate in Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Miami Dade College.

She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, a Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner, a Florida Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Practitioner and a Florida Convenience Store Inspector. She has attended several advanced leadership courses to include: Police Executive Research Forum’s (PERF) Senior Management Institute of Police and the Southern Police Institute’s (SPI) 81st Command Officer Development course and numerous other professional courses. She is a trained Police Assessor.

She started her career in law enforcement as a Corrections officer with the Department of Corrections.


MCPBA, FOP, Dade Chiefs, SPI Alumni

Captain Carr’s quote to live by and philosophy is: Accountable leadership is the foundation of everything. She strongly believes that all public servants, particularly those who have the ability to take life and liberty from citizens, must be accountable for their actions.